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Prosperous Credit Solutions is a credit restoration company, our number one goal is to help you repair and strengthen your personal credit profiles, which is one of the wisest & most crucial financial decisions you can ever make. Our company was founded on two key principles, first and foremost to work hard to provide every client of PCS’s with the credit they deserve to live a more Prosperous life! Secondly, we strongly aim to satisfy our client’s specific repair needs while also educating them on effectively managing their credit profiles, which will therefore impart a lifetime of wise credit and financial decision making, enabling them to live life on their own chosen “set of terms”.

Get to Know PCS’s Founder

Darnell Boyd Sr. has seen how important understanding credit has been in improving the quality of his own life. As a result Darnell dedicated himself to teaching others how to improve their lives by strengthening their credit profiles, raising their credit scores, and taking back control of their personal credit & finances . For over three years, he diligently studied while attending college thru Mississippi State University, topics on business, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate law, business management, consumer rights, and consumer law where debt collection practices are the concern. He’s invested thousands of dollars on the best credit education and study materials’ that money can buy. Darnell Boyd Sr. is a young emerging entrepreneur with a uncanny passion for knowledge, and to see others improve their overall lives & lifestyles.

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