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Credit Repair Program: Individual

Full Enrollment for $149 (one-time fee)
monthly service fee $99

Credit Repair Program: Couple/Joint

Full Enrollment for $199 (one-time fee)
monthly service fee $149

*clients must be willing to commit to 3-6 months of service in order to allow adequate time for their desired results.

step 2:

Sign up for 3-in-1 merged Credit Monitoring Service

As a “necessary” requirement we ask that you sign up for a Experian Credit Works credit monitoring account for the entire duration of your enrollment which is an additional cost and is paid directly to Experian not prosperous credit solutions.

*Third party sites such as Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, etc. doesn’t provide Trimerged credit reports or FICO scores

*Credit monitoring account must be obtained prior to your initial enrollment consultation from a member of our team

*Credit monitoring account must be maintained for duration of repair program to ensure efficient results.

step 3:

Complete enrollment form.

Once you have completely filled out our enrollment form, you will then be redirected to our secure billing page to enter your method of payment in order to complete your full program enrollment.

Couple/Joint Accounts:
*Please click the drop-down box on the enrollment form, then completely fill out your spouse’s information and use a separate email apart from the primary.

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